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You have undoubtedly seen endless attorneys on tv commercials promising quick results and stating that there’s “no fee unless we get paid”.

Trial Lawyer in Gainesville, GA

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A serious car accident can be life-changing. For most people, the desire to come to a quick resolution with the insurance company of the at-fault driver (or the driver themselves) becomes the top priority.

Giving an Accident Statement

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Immediately after a serious auto accident, the world stops for a brief moment. Then, everything becomes a flurry of action as your passengers, bystanders, police, and emergency services focus on you and others involved in the crash.

What to do if in an Auto Accident

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Did you know that there were over 400,000 auto accidents reported in 2019 and more than 145,000 injuries are due to those crashes?

Do I need a Personal Injury Attorney?

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Whether you have been severely injured due to the negligence of an individual, business or property owner, knowing how to proceed after such an incident can be confusing and overwhelming.

Distracted Driving

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Because driving is such an integral part of our lives, many drivers have begun to treat the experience as if it was trivial.

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