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Why do I need a Trial Lawyer?

A serious car accident can be life-changing. For most people, the desire to come to a quick resolution with the insurance company of the at-fault driver (or the driver themselves) becomes the top priority. While that impulse is understandable, accident victims will find optimal results by reaching out to a lawyer for an informed analysis of their case before jumping to a settlement. The best part is that such an initial consultation is absolutely free as NO FEES are paid until your claim is resolved.

But that begs the question: what type of lawyer is appropriate when you’ve been injured? Regardless of your plans to settle or pursue a claim all the way through a lawsuit to trial, choosing a lawyer who can best serve your needs is of primary importance.

Many accident victims simply want their pain, expenses, and damages to be fully acknowledged and compensated in a timely manner. Settlements often appear to be the quickest way to resolve this, and that is often true. However, even if your goal is to settle in a timely manner, your lawyer’s credentials will still have a tremendous impact on your level of compensation.

What is a Trial Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers can typically be divided into two groups: settlement lawyers and trial lawyers. As the name implies, a settlement lawyer is focused on achieving a settlement of any amount and often have little trial experience. In contrast, a trial lawyer is willing to settle if that’s in the best interests of the client, but also has significant experience actually trying cases in court and is prepared to do so if their client’s needs are not met.

Insurance companies and defense lawyers are well aware of the difference and are very familiar with lawyers who pursue settlements exclusively or may be strongly disinclined to take a case to trial. Upon seeing a settlement lawyer across the table, the insurer and the defendant know there is no threat of answering to a jury of their peers and will simply focus on getting the lowest possible settlement.

On the other hand, securing a lawyer who is an experienced first-chair lawyer in court forces the insurer or defendant to take your claims seriously. The threat of facing a jury is a powerful tool in the hands of Justice. Insurers know which lawyers are willing to pursue justice by going to trial.  As a result, even if the overall goal is settlement, a trial lawyer is always the best choice.

What If I plan to settle?

Personal injury cases can be intimidating for the victims. Life-changing injuries are extremely difficult to overcome, and the sudden changes to mobility, income and mental acuity often follow victims for decades. If you are mourning the loss of a family member, it is obvious that no financial compensation will suffice. But appropriate compensation can at least allow your family to be financially supported as you process the loss and allow you to take the time you need to mourn. 

Settling often leads to a quicker resolution, but also may have significant disadvantages.  Do not allow yourself to accept pennies on the dollar when you are suffering a very real loss. Many victims dread seeing the inside of a courtroom – the time, stress, and effort involved are not insignificant. However, you and your family deserve fair compensation for your losses, and an accomplished trial lawyer is absolutely the appropriate choice for representation.

Best Trial Lawyer Near Me

After serious injuries due to an accident, navigating medical treatments and legal concerns can be overwhelming. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, the difficulties are substantially increased. Securing a trial lawyer who specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases gives you access to a unique skillset and experience that will challenge any insurer or defendant you may face in court. We want to help you achieve justice, restoring what has been taken from your family to the fullest extent possible.

There is no fee or commitment for a consultation regarding your case. Allow us to clarify your rights, and present you with options. With us by your side, no insurance company will be able to intimidate you into settling for a token amount. We know little can be done to offer comfort when you have experienced a deep loss. But if you have been harmed or have lost a family member, we are committed to helping you recover everything you can. We will remain by your side as you pursue justice.

Our record speaks for itself – in 2020, Lazenby Law Group was recognized as having a Top 50 Verdict for the entire United States in Estate of Holland vs. Cypress Insurance Company. The judgment – in excess of $21 million – was the 2nd largest personal injury verdict in the Southeastern United States and the highest in Georgia. These accolades will speak volumes to an insurer and clearly demonstrate that R. Shane Lazenby is committed to pursuing justice and will fight for his clients in court if an appropriate settlement is not reached.

If you are facing the unthinkable, allow us to be your compassionate and experienced advocates. Contact us today for your free consultation and we will respond within 24 hours. It would be our honor to aid you in your pursuit of justice.

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