Car Accidents

Driving is a privilege that millions enjoy. With such a great privilege comes great responsibility, as car wrecks can destroy lives.

Drivers must act reasonably, observe the rules of the road, and maintain a constant vigilant lookout for the safety of others. When drivers fail to act reasonably, fail to observe the rules of the road, and fail to observe the safety of others, they often cause accidents based on their negligence. When those car wrecks injure others, our laws provide the means necessary to attempt to “make whole” the person or persons injured. Lazenby Law Group seeks to help those who have been injured.

Male Insurance Loss Adjuster With Digital Tablet Inspecting Damage To Car From Motor Accident

Driving simply isn’t what it used to be.

Frankly, roads aren’t as safe as they were in the past. With the introduction of a multitude of technological advancements and gadgets of every kind, drivers are more distracted now than ever before. Whether it be texting and driving, use of navigational aids while driving, or talking on the cell phone while driving, a distracted driver can be very dangerous. If this distraction results in a car wreck, the distracting conduct must be deterred to make our roads safe again. Injuries can be prevented when drivers are safer and distractions are minimized. Our laws seek to protect the innocent and ensure car wrecks resulting from preventable distractions are averted. But, if you are the innocent, and you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver, you deserve to be compensated. Contact us to let us help you.

A claim for serious injuries will likely be the most significant legal event in your lifetime.

You need an experienced, caring, and compassionate team ready to accept the challenge of restoring your life to as close to normal as it can be. Let us help you get the resolution you deserve.

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