Do I need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Whether you have been severely injured due to the negligence of an individual, business or property owner, knowing how to proceed after such an incident can be confusing and overwhelming. Car accidents, injuries due to the negligence of others, and especially the death of a loved one can all be deeply traumatizing experiences.

Should you find yourself in such a circumstance, one of the most difficult questions you may face is where to turn for help. Do you need the assistance of an attorney? What are your rights? Can you depend on any financial support to cover your medical bills?

Personal injury attorneys specialize in exactly these cases, and we are here to help you navigate the insurance claims process and pursue litigation if your needs are not met. If you have been injured, consider reaching out to a personal injury lawyer if you have any of the following concerns.

Insurance Troubles

Insurance coverage is big business. If you are injured and your claim has been denied or you have been offered an unrealistically low settlement amount, it’s time to get some professional assistance. Insurance companies and their teams of lawyers make their living by avoiding major payouts, so keep in mind that their goal is to pay as little as the injured party will accept – or frustrate you with such a complicated process in order to avoid any payment at all.

Insurance claims are complex and are often overwhelming when you are in the midst of healing from a major injury. Personal injury lawyers are familiar with how insurance companies work and are focused on ensuring that your claim is taken seriously. We will do the research and help you navigate your claim to ensure your losses are appropriately compensated. Most importantly, we are willing and able to litigate your case in court should your needs not be met.

Protect Your Rights

Insurance claims and understanding your rights as an injured party are difficult issues to navigate for even the savviest of individuals. Financial strain, mental and emotional stress, and physical injuries all complicate life after an accident, making the task of dealing with one or more insurance carriers even more challenging. We understand the overwhelming nature of this situation and our goal is to support you during this time to alleviate all the stress and pressure possible.

Like most personal injury attorneys, we work on a contingency fee basis– if you receive no compensation, you do not owe for our services. This system works in your favor, ensuring that your legal team has additional motivation to ensure you get justice for your injuries or the death of your loved one.

Choose a Specialist

Many law firms are general law practices, but choosing a firm that specializes in personal injury is key to your success. A personal injury lawyer will have access to a network of medical professionals, therapists, and treatment centers that can assist you with whatever injuries or losses you have incurred. However, just choosing any personal injury attorney is unwise. Search for a trial lawyer, not a settlement attorney.

Insurance companies know the difference between a lawyer who will pursue justice in court and one who will accept any settlement, even if it does not fulfill their client’s needs. A trial lawyer will have a strong track record of victories in the courtroom, and insurance companies will recognize immediately that they will have to take this attorney and their client seriously.

R. Shane Lazenby is undeniably a trial lawyer with a clear track record of success in the courtroom. In 2020, Lazenby Law Group was recognized for the verdict in Estate of Holland v. Cypress Insurance Company. The judgment, which was in excess of $21 million, was #25 on the Top 50 Verdicts list for 2020 for the entire US. This was the highest verdict in 2020 for the State of Georgia and the 2nd highest personal injury verdict in 2020 in the Southeastern United States.

Contact Us

If you are coping with the loss of a loved one or major mental or physical damage due to an accident or the negligence of another, Lazenby Law Group will care for your interests and protect your rights. Don’t allow your mental and physical health to suffer further – reach out for a free consultation about your case. We will be in touch promptly and look forward to supporting you in your search for justice.

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