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Should you hire a personal injury attorney from TV?

You have undoubtedly seen endless attorneys on tv commercials promising quick results and stating that there’s “no fee unless we get paid”. But what exactly do these assurances mean in practice? And is any of this actually unique among personal injury attorneys?

TV Advertising

In 1977, the US Supreme Court struck down the existing prohibitions against attorney advertising. Since then, each firm has made their own decisions about how and when to advertise. While TV advertising is absolutely one way to get more attention for your firm, many of the most highly regarded firms choose to find new clients based largely on word-of-mouth referrals or web searches. Their reputation brings clients, not their witty TV ads.

Are Quick Results the Best Results?

When you’re seeking help from an attorney, it almost always occurs during the most stressful time of your life. When an attorney advertises that they will achieve quick results, that appeals to our desire to get difficult things resolved expediently. However, choosing the quickest way often leads to less than desirable results. Instead of prioritizing speedy resolution, choose an attorney that will focus on seeking justice in your case, even if that means a more arduous and lengthy process.

Many cases end in settlement, but lawyers who advertise quick results typically settle for pennies on the dollar, sometimes leaving you worse off than you can truly afford after fees and any costs incurred by your injuries. Having a lawyer who specializes in trial law will make a measurable difference in your results, even if you choose to settle out of court.

Choose Justice Over Speed

When a preventable accident leaves you facing the loss of function, death of a loved one, or deep mental or emotional trauma, we all feel a desire to see justice served immediately. While that impulse is natural and understandable, plaintiffs will achieve optimal results with an experienced trial lawyer instead of a settlement lawyer. Ask questions about a lawyer’s experience in court – do they know their local jury pool? How many cases have they taken to trial and won? This sort of information can help you determine whether a lawyer truly has the skill to take your case to court and win, or if they are inclined to move quickly to a settlement without striving for the best possible result.

Contingency fees: “I don’t get paid unless you do!”

The refrain of not being paid “unless we win” is standard fare in any TV commercial for a law firm. The reality is that personal injury lawyers typically work on contingency, meaning they aren’t paid until there is a verdict in favor of their client. Lawyers who work on contingency are highly motivated to pursue justice – by more than just their feelings or personal virtue! As a personal injury law firm, we put many hours of preparation into your case and front all expenses. We are literally paid “contingent” on our success as a lawyer. Contingency fees work in your best interest by allowing you to receive top legal representation with little or no up-front cost and help motivate your attorney to do their utmost to achieve the best settlement or judgment in your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

As a personal injury lawyer with one of the Top 50 Verdicts in 2020, I rely heavily on my reputation as a powerful trial lawyer far more than on any advertisements. If you need someone on your side who will pursue justice for you regardless of the opposition, Lazenby Law Group will be there for you. If you are facing the results of a devastating accident, reach out to us today for a free consultation and we will be happy to advise you of your legal options.

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