Slip-And-Fall Injuries

A sudden fall is jarring to the body and can lead to broken bones, brain injury, or scars due to injury or surgical repairs.

Whether you have been injured on a business premises, a publicly-maintained park or sidewalk, or have been injured due to negligence on private property, you may be eligible to seek reparations for your damages and injuries. If you have fallen and hit your head, suffered from a concussion, or experienced broken bones or contusions, you may be facing significant medical expenses and ongoing complications from your injury.

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Incident


File a report with the property owner or on-duty staff – preferably the manager.

This record of the incident can be a factor in showing that your injuries occurred on the property and can help provide evidence that you are not at fault.


Photograph hazardous conditions and the surrounding location.

Document any signage, or lack thereof, that could have alerted you to unsafe conditions. Do not share these images on social media.


Document your injuries.

Seek medical attention promptly if you have taken a hard fall. A delay in medical care can make it more difficult to prove that your damages were indeed caused by the fall instead of an unrelated incident. Photograph your injuries to help document their severity and establish the date and time they were incurred. Again, do not share images through social media sites about the accident.


Seek legal counsel quickly if you wish to receive compensation.

In Georgia, the most common defense tactic is to blame the injury on the victim themselves, which can reduce or eliminate your potential financial recovery.

How Does the Law Protect Me?

In Georgia, a successful suit in a slip-and-fall case hinges on who is at fault. If the plaintiff can show that they bear less than 50% of the fault for the injury, the judge and jury can find that they are owed damages. The jury award is percentage-based, meaning that if the plaintiff is deemed to be 10% at fault for the injuries they received, they will receive 90% of the jury-awarded compensation.

Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations for slip and fall injuries, meaning that any legal proceedings must be filed within that two-year period.

Please do not be fooled by the false assurances of insurance companies or less experienced counsel asserting the statute of limitations is in some way extended by a “discovery rule.” A discovery rule does not apply in Georgia law.

If you have fallen, make sure you get legal advice immediately!

We will keep your filings and case details up to date, gather evidence and witness testimony, and seek full compensation for your injuries. We aim to ensure that every client receives justice, so if you or your loved one have been seriously injured due to a slip and fall incident, we will help restore your losses and alleviate your financial stress. Our no-obligation consultations are always free, so contact us today and we will be happy to assess your case.

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