Trucking Accidents

Injuries due to Commercial Truck Accidents

Every driver on today’s roads will have some sort of encounter with 18 wheelers. Should that encounter result in a commercial truck accident, serious injury or death is exceedingly likely. Trucking accidents destroy lives in an instant. The Lazenby Law Group longs to help those injured in trucking accidents persevere through such destruction.

Unlike car accidents, 18-wheeler tractor trailer accidents tend to result in serious injuries or death. The size alone can cause more destruction and create larger accidents with more people involved. It’s a serious problem and one that we are passionate about serving our clients. We want to make sure drivers follow the law and that you and your family are safe and protected when you drive on the road. Should you experience an accident involving a tractor trailer, our team is standing by to support you and pursue financial compensation.

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Finding The Best Truck Accident Lawyer for you

Trucking accidents are far more complex than simple car accidents. The law seeks to protect innocent drivers and passengers as the number of 18 wheeler accidents continues to rise. Truck drivers, 18 wheeler owners, and commercial trucking companies must observe very strict and specific rules of the road and safety requirements. 18 Wheeler accident lawyers accepting the case of a trucking accident victim must not only be aware of such rules, but meticulously familiar with them. From the initial investigation through the manner in which a lawsuit is written, a thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced trucking attorney is an absolute requirement.

Have you been injured?

If you have been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, then you know the severity of the situation. We want you to focus on your health and healing while we take care of the lawsuit. Due to very strict laws and rules for truck safety, trucking accidents are much more complex than other car accidents. From initial investigation through the whole lawsuit, our team is here to protect and support you while meticulously studying these requirements.

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We're here to help you and your loved ones.

When you or a loved one has been the victim of an 18-wheeler driver’s actions or safety shortcomings, the comprehension of your lawyer shouldn’t have to be a concern in your time of pain and suffering. Helping eliminate your concerns is our goal and our command of the specifics of trucking accidents will do just that. The Lazenby Law Group understands the tribulations you are going through and we can help you.

We take justice very, very seriously at Lazenby Law Group. Coinciding with our desire for obtaining justice for our clients, is the desire to make our roadways safer.

Find out how our team is doing this and how we obtained the largest verdict in the history of this region with over 21 million judgement given.

The Lazenby Law Group is well versed in the exhaustive list of specific rules and laws applying to trucking accidents and motor carriers.

There is no fee or commitment for a consultation. We will advocate for you to obtain honest and fair treatment. Learn the full extent of your rights by contacting an attorney. With us by your side, no insurance company will bully you. We will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on healing.

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