Unidentified Vehicles – Hope Survives

In most circumstances, the entities and individuals responsible for collisions are known or discoverable.

Occasionally, those responsible leave the scenes of collisions, intentionally or unintentionally, and without witnesses, can be difficult to find. Hopefully, investigators of the crash of Jamie Carter, Melissa Eustice, and Jessica Fulmer will find those responsible.

We will continue to pray for the families of Melissa and Jessica and for a full recovery for Jamie.

No amount of money can ever replace the loss of a loved one or the damages that leave folks with permanent injuries. If we could go back in time and prevent the loss, we would. But, we can’t. All we can do to obtain civil justice is seek money damages.

When those responsible for a collision cannot be found, there remains hope for the success of a claim. Most insurance policies include coverages known as “uninsured/underinsured motorist” or “UM/UIM” coverage. In circumstances in which the driver of offending vehicles may not be known, claims for the benefits of UM/UIM coverage may proceed. Importantly, most, if not all, of the UM/UIM applicable to a car wreck may be the victim’s own UM/UIM coverage on their own insurance policy. Thus, please ensure you check your coverages and verify you have adequate UM/UIM protection for you and your family.

Every case we pursue, especially those involving death, profoundly affects us. We certainly hope to be able to help victims and their families in times of need. Please call us if we can help you or answer any questions: 678-971-1166.

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