Pedestrian Victims and Hit-and-Run Insurance

We at Lazenby Law Group are certainly praying for the family and friends of Knox Whiten.

Knox was a pedestrian near the I-10 loop in Athens who was struck by a motorist that fled the scene. While righteousness certainly demands a hit-and-run driver be brought to justice, unskilled attorneys often do not realize insurance coverage exists even when the offending, negligent driver is unknown. It is called “uninsured motorist” coverage and provided the coverage was purchased by the victim or the family with whom he lives, a victim of an unknown motorist should be covered…even if the victim is a pedestrian.

Navigating insurance coverages can be a huge challenge. Insurance companies often make their policies confusing to further their business models of avoiding the payment of claims if at all possible. If insurers can keep the proceeds of premium payments, and avoid paying valid claims, the more profits they make. Victims and their families need advocates who understand the intricacies of insurance coverage and can pursue claims even when the perpetrator is unknown. We at Lazenby Law Group welcome the opportunity to assist victims and their families with the complexities of claims. Please call us at 678-971-1166 if we can help. Consultations never cost with true personal injury attorneys and we can certainly help.

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