Cell Phones and Poor Road Designs Don’t Mix

Distracted driving from cell phone use is quickly becoming an epidemic.

The dangers of texting and driving and the like are quickly becoming as big of a problem as impaired driving from the use of mind altering substances. When combined with a negligent roadway design, destruction and death are likely outcomes. Fortunately, a victim of this deadly combination recently survived a near-deadly encounter with a distracted tractor-trailer driver in Turin, Georgia, but the ramifications could have been far, far worse.

Our discussions about distracted driving caused by the use of cell or smart phones has been commonplace in recent times. Most assuredly, at some point, the legislature in the State of Georgia will grow weary of the death and destruction and take appropriate action. That problem can be easily addressed with a change in driver behavior. We continue to express our desire to see the law strengthened in an effort to curb this rampant problem.

Another problem that is much more difficult to correct is negligent roadway design. Prolific use of roundabouts is relatively new in Georgia. With the hopes of easing traffic congestion, roundabouts have sprung up in cities and towns throughout the state. To the extent the use of roundabouts eases traffic congestion, they are a welcomed update to our crowded roadways. However, roundabouts, like any other roadway project, must be designed and built safely. Those who travel this particular roundabout in Turin, Georgia have expressed concern about its size and layout. Distracted driving by a tractor trailer driver’s use of a cell phone clearly resulted in this collision, but the Turin roundabout could be partially to blame as well.

We commonly review cases with an eye toward obtaining justice from all responsible persons and entities. Negligent roadway design is something we analyze and scrutinize in all car wrecks to determine if a negligently designed or constructed roadway is to blame. Some such negligent designs have been around for decades, but are just being detected due to our ever increasing number of drivers. If you believe a collision may have been caused by negligent roadway design, you should seek counsel sooner rather than later. Gathering the evidence to meet the requirements to prove such negligence is a difficult and time consuming task. 

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