21 Million Dollar Truck Accident Verdict

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While some laws have been put into place to make sure trucking industry professionals are safe, and most work hard to comply, it is far too easy for individuals to manipulate or submit false medical information when renewing their yearly regulatory requirements. While we don’t want to bring fear into everyone’s lives, it’s essential to hold trucking companies and drivers accountable whenever safety measures are not met and accidents happen.

Lazenby Law Wins $21 Million Verdict

Recently, Lazenby Law Group took a wrongful death lawsuit due to a tractor-trailer accident through trial. It’s a heartbreaking case where a tractor-trailer driver lost control of his truck running off of Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville, Georgia. The trailer separated from the truck and overtook a pedestrian walking along the side of the road.

The defense protested saying the driver had suffered a sudden medical emergency. The defense attempted to justify the driver’s actions asserting he had lost control due to an act of God. This response simply was not good enough of a response for the Lazenby team. People all around the world trust tractor-trailer drivers to stay alert and keep everyone around them safe, and the team wanted answers. The family of the victim deserved these answers.

After hours of research and talking to witnesses, Shane Lazenby discovered that the driver should never have been medically cleared to drive. He had a history of blacking out, troubled breathing, coughing fits, and was on many medications. The fact that he should not have been allowed to drive an 18 wheeler became even more evident when Shane deposed the doctor who’d cleared the tractor-trailer driver to drive on his DOT fitness exam. It was discovered the driver had lied on 12 of his 32 self-reporting history questions regarding conditions and medications in his medical history. Had he been honest, he would have never been cleared to drive at the time of the accident.

Top Wrongful Death Verdict in Georgia for 2020

When concluding the trial, and establishing the liability of the defendant, one of the most difficult things to present to the jury is how much compensation to give a family for the loss of a loved one. If you ask for too little or too much it raises questions and red flags for the jury. After all the due diligence, the Lazenby team knew the fair and needed verdict to protect the legacy and honor of the family. The jury respected Shane’s honesty and genuine concern for the family and ultimately ruled in favor of this record verdict. 

Drivers and companies pushing their drivers need to be held accountable. Shane Lazenby was able to do this for this family and win a record-breaking verdict on their behalf. The verdict was #2 in the southeastern United States for Motor Vehicle/Trucking Accidents in 2020 because the team was able to do their due diligence, provide the facts, and work tirelessly on behalf of the family.

You Deserve Accountability

Lazenby Law Group pays attention to details, and they are not afraid to find missing information. From medical records, specific tractor-trailer laws, and inconsistencies within the case, they will fight to give your family justice. 

Has someone in your family fallen victim to an 18 wheeler accident? Your family deserves compensation for the lives and memories lost. Our team is here to support you, eliminate your concerns, and get the verdict you need. 

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