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What is it about Guntersville, Alabama truck drivers? In February 2020, we obtained the largest verdict in the history of this region with a $21,029,363.00 judgment in a jury trial for the wrongful death of Kip Holland against a trucking company from Guntersville, Alabama. Today, we share in the mourning of the death of Susan Kay Chambers, 61, of Cumming, Georgia.

It certainly appears another Guntersville, Alabama trucker may not have conducted himself very safely on our roads and Ms. Chambers was an innocent victim. Trucking Company employers may be equally responsible for their negligent drivers.

We take justice very, very seriously at Lazenby Law Group. Coinciding with our desire for obtaining justice for our clients, is the desire to make our roadways safer. In fact, it is a primary goal of all personal injury lawyers like us who specialize in trucking cases to make our roadways safer. One way to make roadways safer is to challenge the adherence to mandatory safety precautions that must be observed by all trucking companies under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and their state equivalents. From mandatory rest schedules for all truckers to ensuring brake maintenance is timely completed, we fully investigate every possible reason for any truck driver to have negligently harmed or killed an innocent motorist.

Not only must the trucker conduct himself with safety as his watchword, the trucking company who hires and trains truckers must observe mandatory safety guidelines and programs to ensure their truckers are well trained to drive on our roads. In our investigations, we dig into the training and supervision tactics, techniques, and records to ensure the responsible trucking company employing a negligent driver did all it could to keep our roads safe. Sadly, more often than not, the desire for profits eclipses the observation of safety measures. It is our hope to use the right to trial by jury to ensure those misplaced priorities invert.

Only a proper investigation will reveal if yet another Guntersville, Alabama negligent driver was inadequately trained and supervised. We can only hope the family of Ms. Chambers gets the justice they are entitled and our roads become safer as a result.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a negligent truck driver or his irresponsible employer, please give us a call and let us help.

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