Some are Careless, Others are Distracted

It likely comes as no surprise that the prolific use of smart phones has changed the safety of our roads ….and not for the better. Having practiced law for more than twenty years, Shane Lazenby has seen the downward spiral of safety for the motoring public with the corresponding rise in the use of smart phones on the road. In every vehicular collision we investigate leading to a lawsuit, we seek and obtain mobile phone records with an eye toward confirming or denying the use of cellular phones.

In some collisions, the negligent person is simply careless. As an example, in this particular Marietta, Georgia collision, initial reports appear to indicate Tyler Peacock carelessly failed to stop at a red light and struck another motorist.

At the closure of an investigation into this wreck, the end result may be that simple, but if we were to represent a victim such as 56-year-old Rhena McCormick, of Marietta. We never stop at the obvious when fully investigating the cause of the injuries of the victims we represent. We take one of the primary roles of personal injury attorneys, that being the role of improving the safety of the public through zealous representation, very seriously. 

When we assume control of a case, our clients can rest easy that all aspects of the reasons for their injuries will be fully investigated and fully explored. Not only do we want to afford our clients the opportunity to have a complete understanding of their case, our families drive these roads, too. We want to see distracted driving, especially when caused by the use of a mobile phone, eradicated.

If we can help you or your family, please give us a call.

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