Cases Need Thorough Investigations

We were saddened to learn of the injuries of Jeffrey Smith, 57, and Neil Smith, 24, from Wrightsville as well as Charles Harvey, 56, and Yarvis Williams, 46 when a log truck was struck by an oncoming train as the truck was turning into a utility pole production plant near the intersection of 341 and GA 165 in Dodge County, Georgia.

While not all injuries mean someone else is to blame, there are times when the combined negligence of a multitude of persons or entities are the root cause of the injuries. Often, less experienced attorneys do not realize the need to thoroughly investigate the roles of various persons/entities in injurious events.

In railroad crossing collisions, sometimes the responsible entities or persons are not patently obvious. As is apparent, the role of the log truck driver as well as that of the train conductor in the underlying cause of this collision would need to be investigated. However, specific requirements exist for the establishment and maintenance of railroad crossings that must be analyzed. Experienced attorneys know that railroad crossings must be scrutinized to ensure they were safe for crossing motorists such as Jeffrey and Neil Smith as well as approaching trains manned by Mr. Charles Harvey and Mr. Yarvis Williams. Of course, this investigation and scrutiny must take place quickly before evidence mysteriously disappears… it often does.

We never leave a stone left unturned and thoroughly investigate all of our cases. Give us a call if we can help.

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