Collision Investigations Take Experience

Hamilton, Georgia Police Chief Jamie Smith rightfully won’t speculate on the cause of the collision claiming the life of Teresa Clark.

Often, investigating collisions takes time and skill to reach the appropriate conclusions. When doing so, we regularly hire highly trained accident reconstructionists with specific skill sets and sophisticated abilities and equipment to be able to put an end to the speculation surrounding how collisions occur. Accident reconstruction is part of a detailed approach we regularly employ to obtain justice for families who’ve lost a loved one while simultaneously bringing them closure as to the cause of the loss. We are certainly mindful of the tragedy experienced by the loved ones of Ms. Clark and will keep them in our prayers.

More often than not, the most important aspect of successful accident reconstruction is the timeliness of the initiation of the investigation and the gathering of evidence. Law enforcement does a fine job in gathering evidence, but evidence can be inadvertently destroyed if not gathered quickly, and we’ve never met a law enforcement agency that isn’t overburdened with numerous, simultaneous commitments. When we hire reconstructionists, they are laser-focused on resolving the questions surrounding how the single collision they’ve been contracted to investigate actually occurred. Great reconstructionists, with superior experience, can appropriately augment the work of law enforcement and reach a definitive determination. Commonly, our reconstructionists can reveal the root cause of a collision such to the extent law enforcement can reach a concurring conclusion and gratefully end their speculation.

We are proud to help families in their quest for justice. If speculation surrounds the death of your loved one, act quickly and seek the best representation possible.

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