Time is NOT on Your Side

Most personal injury cases have a two year statute of limitations period initiating from the date of the negligent act of the person causing the injury or death. There are some exceptions, and some methods to extend the period, but those are rare. Thus, it’s best to pursue your injury case very quickly as your case must reach the level of a lawsuit, and should include service of the lawsuit, before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Despite the perception that two years can be a long time, it is NEVER a good idea to wait and pursue your claim.

Not only does two years pass very quickly in the real world, it certainly flies by in the legal world. As soon as a report of an incident comes in, insurance companies immediately hire lawyers and experts to gather evidence and shape testimony. If you don’t do the same, you could be left behind and the delay can harm your claim.

Adjusters will often tell you there’s plenty of time to file your claim as well. That simply isn’t true. Delays almost always hurt your case and help the insurance companies. You will never hurt your case by hiring a lawyer early to ensure you are protected. To combat the tactics of insurance companies, we hire experts and immediately begin the process of gathering evidence and discussing the case with witnesses.

Please don’t wait and give us a call as soon as you can: 678-971-1166.

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