Don’t Drive Distracted!

Our hearts go out to Sara Creech of Dalton and her entire family following Tuesday evening’s crash in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia. It appears the driver of the other vehicle inexplicably drifted across the center-line causing a collision that resulted in Ms. Creech’s injuries.

Unfortunately, such events are all too common on our roads, these days. Many times, center-lines are crossed when folks drive while distracted.

Distracted driving has risen to near epidemic proportions since the prolific use of smart phones and other related devices became the norm. Texting and driving, or “surfing” and driving, simply isn’t worth it. There is no text, message, video, or other information found on a smart device that exceeds the importance of a life or limb. If you must use your smart phone, pull over. Not only is it the law, it saves lives.

We help victims of the negligence of others. In fact, that’s all we do. Distracted driving has become so prevalent on our roads, it is rare we don’t encounter such events in our road wreck cases. We continually hope our encounters with distracted driving takes a downward trend in the near future. As of now, do all you can to personally eliminate it, and pray that God lays on the hearts of others to do the same. Meanwhile, we’ll certainly pray for not only Ms. Creech and her family but also the many victims of distracted driving we regularly see.

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