Hits-and-Run are Unique Cases

Local news recently discussed two cases of hit-and-run:

Young navy veteran Joshua Gonzalez of Gainesville was injured when heading home from work on his motorcycle and a pickup truck cut in front of him while making a U-turn on Queen City Parkway. The pick-up then left the scene. Similarly, Richard Smith and Alex Daffern were the victims of the negligence of Kiara Stinner of Brunswick who similarly left the scene. Fortunately, Mr. Stinner was later apprehended. Most unfortunate, however, was that his actions cost the life of Orlando St. Louis, II.

When considering an effort to seek civil justice in compensation for the injuries and death these collisions have caused, hits-and-run can make cases a bit more challenging. Hope still exists that authorities will be able to find the pickup driver who injured Mr. Gonzalez. If not, however, not all hope is lost. Without question, Mr. Stinner has inadequate insurance coverage to compensate all of the victims of his negligence, but again, not all hope is lost. Most drivers have a coverage known as “uninsured or underinsured” motorist coverage on their auto insurance policies. Such policies of insurance may provide some coverage in cases of hit-and-run and such cases are often more valuable than many victims realize despite the inability to identify who may have caused the injuries or if there is limited insurance coverage. Navigating through these types of special cases takes expertise not all lawyers and law firms possess. We do. 

If you or a loved one is the victim of a hit-and-run driver, give us a call. 678-971-1166.

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