Contingency Fees: Nothing New

Big advertising law firms appear to place a great deal of time and effort into promoting their services as if they are unique and different.

Many are unique and different, in many, many ways, but those differences usually aren’t altogether positive. Those negative differences are topics we can discuss at length at your leisure.

Today’s topic is Legal Fees and Expenses. 

One particular often used tag line for the big advertisers surrounds the notion that clients don’t pay fees “unless we win,” or words to that effect. This approach to the practice of personal injury and wrongful death law is nothing new and nothing unique. In fact, what I typically tell every client when discussing our fees is that “if a law firm purporting to specialize in personal injury and wrongful death law approaches fees in a different way, you are probably in the wrong place.”  

The promise of not charging fees “unless we win” is not new, novel, unique, or specific to the larger advertising firms in metropolitan Atlanta or other big cities. The fee structure used by real trial lawyers specializing in personal injury and wrongful death is called a “contingency fee.” We do not get paid a fee unless and until you recover. Our fee is “contingent” on positive performance. We front all expenses as well. It’s exactly how ALL real trial lawyers specializing personal injury and wrongful death cases are compensated for their services. Lazenby Law Group only charges a fee if you win as well.

Real injuries require real trial lawyers. 

The main difference between us and large advertising firms is that we actually earn our fee. Not all lawyers purporting to be trial lawyers actually try cases and get the best results. Most lawyers and big advertising firms simply don’t try cases. For the best questions to ask any lawyer you are interviewing to address what is perhaps the most momentous legal event in your life, please see my blog entry of June 2, 2021 “Lawyers with Record Jury Verdicts Don’t Need Big Signs.” 

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