Lawyers with Record Jury Verdicts Don’t Need Big Signs

Have you ever thought about what questions you’d ask a personal injury lawyer you are considering hiring?

Here are some of the questions most folks don’t think about, but ought to ask:

  • How many trials have you conducted as the first chair lawyer?
  • What’s your most noteworthy moment as a lead counsel in a trial?
  • What’s your overall impression of the jury pools in my area after your first 5 trials? First 10? First 50?


Knowing the pertinent questions to ask a potential injury lawyer likely isn’t something most people have thought through. We welcome all such questions and remain eager to provide responses.

Injuries caused by the negligence of another are exceedingly difficult to overcome. The death of a loved one simply can’t be overcome. The pursuit of civil justice is probably the most momentous legal event in a family’s life, but in injury and death cases, it’s never something we plan ahead for because it stems from a sudden and horrific life interruption. Selecting the right injury lawyer is crucial, but many folks don’t know where to start.

Boasting the title of “trial lawyer” is exceedingly common. But, to those who aren’t involved in this profession, very few have actually tried cases. It really is ALL ABOUT THE TRIAL. Rest assured, insurers know who the trial lawyers are. Insurers know who will take a case to trial. Insurers also know about those with little to no trial experience, those who fear trial, those who settle cases, and those who don’t have the knowledge or resources to actually try a case and win. Even if the time, effort and stress means you have no desire to ever see the inside of a courtroom, you need a lawyer who is ready, willing, and able to fight for justice all the way through trial, and win.

Only one law firm in Gainesville, Georgia has a $21,029,363.00 jury verdict: the largest recorded jury verdict in this region – Lazenby Law Group.

You and your family need to be protected by an accomplished trial lawyer with whom you feel a connection of comfort and security. If your selection of lawyers doesn’t “feel right,” it probably isn’t right. When you interview a lawyer, to determine if he or she is the right fit, ask the hard questions about their trial experience. If you’re met with a confused look, you probably aren’t in the right place.

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