Be Careful Out There

Nobody plans to be in a car wreck. We all rely on the attentiveness of other drivers, their abilities to navigate our roads safely, and their willingness to follow the rules of the road. Thankfully, most folks do all of these things. Most collisions are unintentional, but negligence happens. When negligence happens, it can be devastating.

We at Lazenby Law Group are currently keeping Allison Miklos, Kristen Miklos, and the Miklos family in our thoughts and prayers.

Unfortunately, they were the victims of a collision in which the rules of the road were violated.

Another passenger vehicle crossed the centerline and struck them causing the Miklos vehicle to overturn. The reason for the centerline crossing is not yet known, but the effects will be felt for a long, long time. We certainly hope and pray Allison and Kristen Miklos recover quickly.

All rules of the road in Georgia are codified into law. Chapter 6 of Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia codifies the rules of the road into statutes to be followed. Each rule/statute was passed into law for a multitude of reasons. The focal point of the reasons relied upon by the legislature for passing these laws is primarily to keep us safe. We all have an obligation to our fellow motorists and pedestrians to both know and adhere to these rules. Be sure to do your part.

But, if someone doesn’t do their part and fails to follow the rules of the road, you really need representation quickly. You can bet a sizeable amount the insurance company’s staff attorneys are already assigned to the case involving the Mikloses and will be assigned to your case just as quickly. Quickly, you need competent and capable counsel as well!

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