Hometown Heroes

In our inaugural edition of Hometown Heroes, we discussed the importance of Memorial Day and how it was originally set aside to honor those who placed themselves in harm’s way and died protecting our freedoms.

While Memorial Day heroes will never be forgotten, we at Lazenby Law Group certainly also recognize the true Hometown Heroes who walk among us each and every day.

It never hurts to remind our public how we view our heroes. Again, sports figures have admirable accomplishments, but with the exception of a few (Pat Tillman immediately comes to mind), they are simply not real “heroes.” Movie and rock stars shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same realm as the word “hero.” Indeed, it certainly seems as though many in our society have forgotten the true meaning of the word. The word “hero” is sacrosanct and should be viewed as such.

Not only do we view those who provided the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms as clear heroes, those who keep us safe and healthy on a daily basis are also revered. First responders and law enforcement certainly fill that role. We also consider those who positively shape the future of our great nation to be heroes in their own right. Educators immediately come to mind as they mold the impressionable minds of our youth.

Heroes come from all walks of life!

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