What if I already gave a statement to the insurance company?

It’s happened…you’ve been in a car collision. Afterward, you exchanged information with the other driver, filed a police report, and probably tried your best to get back to normal. Then an insurance adjuster called, asking if they could just take a statement so they can get things started for you. While this scenario seems harmless enough, experienced attorneys advise against providing any recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company.

Such a statement to the opposing party’s insurer is not required by law, and you’ll find that the insurer is largely focused on reducing their liability.  They also notoriously shape questions and provide suggestive answers in early obtained statements in an effort to minimize your injuries.  Rest assured, they will use that statement against you when your injuries worsen over time.

Most people who have experienced a traumatic event like a car crash just want to get the whole situation resolved as quickly as possible. Perhaps you felt fine or simply thought your pain was general soreness likely to soon subside when the other driver’s insurance company called shortly after the collision.  You may also have been preoccupied with concerns about other stresses in your life, your vehicle, or work schedule when you gave such a statement. Unfortunately, if you have given a statement on the record about the collision, the opposing insurer and their fleet of attorneys will use any discrepancies or omissions against you when you later pursue legal action or a settlement for your losses.

What should you do next?

Injuries don’t always present themselves in the first days after a collision. Many victims notice new or additional symptoms in the aftermath of the collision. If your original statement didn’t include the symptoms you are experiencing now, you may fear that your claim has been irreparably harmed or you’re completely on your own.

Fortunately, an experienced car collision lawyer can help. If you have already given a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurer, consulting a personal injury attorney is your best chance for justice. Since the initial consultation is completely free, there’s no reason not to sit down with an expert and tell your story!

While the specifics of each case can differ widely, there are several steps every accident victim should take immediately.

Stop talking.

Don’t provide any further information to insurance companies. Speak only to the police and your doctor about the specifics of the collision and your symptoms as they change.

Seek medical care.

Speak to your doctor immediately about new or changing symptoms after the collision. If possible, find a specialist who understands the physical impact of a car wreck to ensure you get the best treatment.

Discuss with an experienced trial lawyer the benefit of keeping a journal. It is nearly impossible for most people to remember the specifics of how they felt on a given day, so begin a journal detailing how the collision has impacted your day-to-day life. This information can assist you in providing powerful testimony of exactly how your injuries changed your routines and expectations.

How can we help?

If you’ve already provided a statement, outside documentation of the incident and any changes to your physical or mental state are of paramount importance. While your initial statement may have reflected your condition and initial recollection of the crash, it is entirely likely that you will later remember other details. The insurance company may claim that any updated information is inaccurate, especially if you don’t have outside evidence of your statements.

A legal team can support your statement by uncovering evidence that confirms your memories. Our team will speak with witnesses, compile surveillance video evidence, obtain police reports, and maintain updated information from your medical team. In addition, an attorney has access to expert witnesses and can even recommend doctors with the specializations you require injuries mandate.

Your lawyer will fight for just compensation even if the other driver’s insurance company attempts to use your statements against you. By compiling testimony and evidence that supports your claims, your legal team can still negotiate appropriate compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, emotional damages, and pain and suffering.

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