What if I don’t want to go to trial, and I’d rather settle?

For most folks, sitting in a courtroom as a party to a lawsuit isn’t how you’d prefer to spend your week. Lawsuits and trials are unfamiliar and probably a little bit (or a lot) stressful. If you or a family member are injured, you likely think you’d prefer to settle rather than go to trial. That’s not an uncommon sentiment among our clients and certainly understandable.

Lawyers without trial experience, or those who are disinclined to try a case, are well known to insurers and defendants. Big TV advertising lawyers and lawyers boasting about settlements without including significant trial experience as a part of their presenting qualifications likely won’t be able to ensure justice is served.

Despite the desire to settle, do not make the mistake of hiring an alleged personal injury lawyer with no trial experience. When defendants and insurers see a settlement lawyer instead of a trial lawyer sitting across the table, there is no threat they’ll be forced to answer to a jury of their peers. Without such a threat, there is no need for defendants and insurers to pay you or your loved ones respectable value for injuries. Those who hire a settlement lawyer, ultimately resolve their cases for pennies on the dollar.

Rest assured, insurers and defendants know we will try a case. While most cases settle without a trial, insurers and defendants must appreciate the threat of a trial to treat defendants fairly.

We have tried over 50 cases to verdict and hold the record for the highest personal injury and wrongful death verdict in this region - $21,029,363.00.

Insurers and Defendants know they must treat our clients fairly and our settlements are simply higher than those of settlement lawyers. We work hard to obtain justice and it pays off.

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