Maintaining A Constant Lookout

Tragedies are heart wrenching and will never be forgotten by those affected for many reasons. Sometimes, tragedies are God’s way of reminding us to appreciate our loved ones and the relatively short time we have to spend with them. Most assuredly, the tragedy involving the motorcycle collision with Macon County, North Carolina Deputy David Head and his wife Dawn will never be forgotten by their children. Hopefully, those in Macon County, and especially the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, will be able to remember the Heads fondly cherishing the time they had together.

A similar tragedy befell Patrick McCloud, Jr. of Temple and Danielle Cart of Dallas. The McCloud and Cart families are undoubtedly mourning the senseless loss of their loved ones. In these circumstances, not only does God remind us to appreciate the time we have with our loved ones, these tragedies should also remind us of how safety can never be forgotten on our roads. We have used conspicuity and “human factors” experts to show time and again how motorcycle riders often aren’t appreciated by other drivers as are approaching or surrounding cars and trucks. Simply stated, many drivers just don’t see a motorcyclist. All drivers MUST maintain a constant lookout for other cars, trucks, motorcyclists, pedestrians, animals and obstacles in the roadway. Our brains must be trained to see it all in order to operate a vehicle safely on our roads. The lives of folks like David and Dawn Head, Patrick McCloud, and Danielle Cart depend on it.

Proving negligence on behalf of the victims and families of motorcycle collisions is a specialty we undertake earnestly. If you or a family member has been a victim of the negligence of another, please give us a call, sooner rather than later. 678-971-1166.

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