Every driver on today’s roads will have some sort of encounter with an 18-wheeler. Should that encounter result in an accident, serious injury or death is exceedingly likely. Trucking accidents destroy lives in an instant. The Lazenby Law Group longs to help those injured in trucking accidents persevere through such destruction.

Trucking accidents are far more complex than simple car accidents. The law seeks to protect innocent drivers and passengers as the number of 18 wheeler accidents continues to rise. Truck drivers and 18 wheeler owners must observe very strict and specific rules of the road and safety requirements. Lawyers accepting the case of a trucking accident victim must not only be aware of such rules, but meticulously familiar with them. From the initial investigation through the manner in which a lawsuit is written, a thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced trucking attorney is an absolute requirement.

The Lazenby Law Group is well versed in the exhaustive list of specific rules and laws applying to trucking accidents and motor carriers.

When you or a loved one has been the victim of an 18-wheeler driver’s actions or safety shortcomings, the comprehension of your lawyer shouldn’t have to be a concern in your time of pain and suffering. Helping eliminate your concerns is our goal and our command of the specifics of trucking accidents will do just that. The Lazenby Law Group understands the tribulations you are going through and we can help you.